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Local Lead Generation – The Process

Lead Generation - The Process

The Process, Strategy and Package in Detail:

We have worked on a strategy that is built on rock solid online marketing foundations and has been priced at a level to add maximum value while not breaking the bank.

All our services work holistically to create a value greater than the sum of their parts.

Here is the package and benefits in full:

The Benefits:

Email marketing works hands down as one of the most effective ways to bring in new business from new and old clients.

Reconnect To Your Clients:

Fact: Email marketing is one of the most effective ways in which you can bring in new business from your existing client list.

If you have their email address they already trust you, take advantage of that but do not abuse it.

Email Marketing

Local Email Marketing

Web Design

Local Web Design Service

The Benefits:

We work with a world class content management system and a specialised web template that is optimised for SEO and lead conversion with the use of many high powered plugins that add additional functionality to our websites.

Mobile Ready Websites:

We have tried/tested and optimised so all our sites are mobile ready. With this traffic on the increase people want a pleasurable experience on their iPad/tablet or iPhone/smartphone or they will simply look elsewhere.

Remember most people landing on your website will be in buyer mode. We don’t ever want to let them slip away.

The Benefits:

From photo manipulation to logo design. We are design lead and ensure we always test our websites so people want to learn more and easily contact you.

Visually Appealing:

On a smartphone or tablet or traditional desktop PC your site will stand head and shoulders above your competition for look and feel, this factor is so important in building trust and we ensure our award wining designers give you a touch of magic look and feel wise.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Service

Local SEO Service

Local SEO Search Engine Optimisation Service

The Benefits:

Our system of optimising your website and ensuring that it stays high in organic (non paid) search results is key to generating as much traffic as possible.

Local SEO:

We do so many activities behind the scenes that they are too many to list here, this covers ensuring your Google Places listing is correct, optimising your contact page, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, quality back links, forum posting and generating social signals.

The Benefits:

Pay Per Click brings the chance of using our highly skilled PPC campign experts to target even more traffic and optimise the settings on an ongoing basis to ensure the best return on investment.

Another Avenue:

The untapped potential for PPC advertising is huge, we work on re-targeting, display networks, Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring you more traffic at the right price.

Local PPC

Local PPC Service

Call Tracking and Analytics

Call Tracking and Analytics

The Benefits:

We offer trackable local numbers so you can see how effective our marketing is, we also offer dynamic numbers that will be assigned to each visitor so you can see what they get up to as they use the website. Our multiple number options also allows you to assign other numbers to the advertising campaigns to assess the ROI based on the calls received.

Analytics To Take Your Breath Away:

Our trackable call packages offer you the opportunity to see so much into each visitors actions and have a recording of each caller to download or simply keep. We also send an email to you if you are ever too busy to answer, or on another call, with the persons number and any message they left. Our service also ties in with pretty much any switchboard no matter how complex. And the basic package is offered at under £160 per year plus only 2.5p per minute calls.

The Benefits:

Video marketing is an enormous untapped potential for local business to stand out form the crowd, benefit from better SEO (Google loves video) and also be part of the YouTube eco-system (the 2nd largest search engine in the world).

Video Marketing Works:

We help create very high quality short form videos that explain your service with a fully scripted voice over aimed to elevate you above your competition and build trust. We also add unique technology that can obtain a number and email after or while the video is being played.

Local Video Marketing

Local Video Marketing Service

Local Content Marketing

Local Content Marketing Service

The Benefits:

Content marketing is important to bring new leads in, Google likes to see fresh content and we like to keep the beast happy. Blogging allows your company to feel alive, fresh and conversant with your clients. It also gives us the right medium to continue to optimise your site on a monthly basis.

What To Write About?

We help you write generic blog posts on a monthly basis and also give you opportunity to share and post your new business successes, new photos, new testimonials, new case studies, new tips and advice, and also offers.

All these types of content work in your favour. We make it as easy as possible to publish and optimise so you benefit the most.

The Benefits:

You don’t want to be involved with a company who you do not like dealing with do you? We provide world class customer service to ensure our clients stay with us and are happy with our service.

What Does World Class Customer Service Really Mean?

We will always try to achieve a suitable outcome where any issues arise through honest and proactive communication. And we stay in touch with you, our valued clients, on a regular basis, asking you about your thoughts, what you want to see, where we can improve. Of course it’s nice to get positive feedback, which we do, (see our testimonials).

And we educate our clients with our monthly local web marketing tips and ideas, that you can use to help us help you.

Customer Support

World Class Customer Service

Web Hosting/Emails

Web Hosting/Emails

The Benefits:

Rock solid and fast web hosting with secure monthly backups to ensure content is not lost in the event of any major problems. And up to 20 emails for your employees, more if needed.

Quality Hosting and Email Service:

We use high quality servers to deliver your pages and email communications.

The Benefits:

See how your site is performing and how much traffic we are generating for you. Our web analytics offers a glimpse into your sites performance and will highlight the work we are doing for you on a monthly basis.

Web Analytics:

It’s always nice to see performance indicators for any service you subscribe for, we provide analytical data for you to digest and allow us to prove our worth.

Local Web Analytics

Local Web Analytics

Local Engagement

Local Social Media Service

The Benefits:

You do not need to be in control of a conversation online to reap the rewards of getting involved. We help find relevant discussions and actively get your business involved in a positive light.

Tribal Gathering:

Online people often work in tribes, socially sharing, discussing, advising on forums etc. These tribes attract others to discuss areas such as which plumber to choose, what paint they use etc, we aim to get you in front of these people as they are asking these questions.

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