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Local Email Marketing

Local Email Marketing

Local Email Marketing

Fact: Email marketing is one of the most effective ways in which you can bring in new business from your existing client list.

Why? They already trust you and have usually experienced your service or product making tye warmer to you compared to your competition, plus you have their personal email details.

Key is not to abuse this huge privilege but offer your wonderful clients something that says thank you, a discount, a freebie, some offers if they recommend a friend.

We have many ideas that you can capitalise on, we suggest no more than one email per month and ideally segment these when and where possible, and make them as relevant as possible, female, male, young, old, past purchases etc can all be used to segment your email list.

We of course can provide this highly skilled service so you get through spam barriers, add video to your message, make it look pretty and communicate the value proposition effectively from only £99 per month.

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