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PPC Pay Per Click Management

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We Unlock The Massive Potential That Paid Traffic Offers:

To ensure we always maximise your lead potential, we run an Adwords/PPC account and after a consultation set up numerous campaigns for each client.

This is a very deep area for any online marketer to fully understand and a service that does not usually come cheap.

Added value PPC ensures success:

We offer this initial set-up, ongoing analysis, testing, tweaking and monthly management as part of our monthly fees as we are confident that long term you will stick with our strategy and we will continue to have a happy relationship.

We always include a minimum monthly spend of £50* per month out of your management and marketing fee. This will bring in more leads and as we work with your campaigns over many months, we will ensure you are paying the least amount of money per lead.

*You may choose to spend more per month and we will ask you to confirm and ensure that you set up your direct debit/standing order to reflect this.

How does PC work for you?

We do all the hard work of working out what keywords and locations and types of searches we need to target to gain you the right traffic that will convert into leads and paying clients.

As part of this set up we will work within Google Adwords to set up and bid on various keywords and on an on going basis analysing the return of investment and tweaking the account accordingly.

Bidding and setting amounts:

The whole point of our service is to provide your business with experts in online marketing who work on your behalf to bring you leads.

We therefore do all the decision making on your behalf, this includes how much we bid for each keyword and also what page we send people to when they click an ad, where pages that have higher relevance increase the overall quality score which Google determines based on the landing pages relevance, this we aim to be as high as possible which has lots of positive’s including a reduced cost per click and likelihood of the ad showing.

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