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Social Media Curation – The Lazy Companies Guide To Effective Social Media – Curation

Be a social media curator and look like an expert

Ok, so I have said that Social Media is not for everyone in the local marketing space, but perhaps I overlooked one way you can be ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ in social media and still obtain huge rewards.

The Lazy Companies Guide To Effective Social Media - Curation

So what on earth am I talking about?

Social media has a few potential benefits for those who take part.

1) You can find out what people are talking about and engage, listen and learn.

2) You can promote your services and products every now and again.

3) You can respond to feedback.

4) You can network.

5) You can share your articles, event news, photos, videos.

But my business is a bit boring, I am also a bit boring, and I have nothing to actively promote that would not annoy people, and I have no time to just hang around social media channels to engage with others on a general basis?

Stop worrying and become a perceived EXPERT via curating – everyone loves and trusts an expert!

How do I curate other peoples content easily?

6) Be a curator of other peoples high quality content and relevant topics! – Have an opinion though…PLEASE!

One thing that is quite easy to do and has huge advantages if you have nothing to share regularly, talk about personally or have a business that no one has much interest in is become an industry expert via: Curation!.

Why not become the expert in your field, by piggy backing other companies/people’s stories and articles, this will allow you to show that you understand your industry, take time to keep up to date with trends and news and maybe even gossip.

So how do you do this?

Start by using Google alerts, here you can set up alerts for phrases and topics by keyword that are likely to be of interest, these will be emailed to you when you need, daily, weekly etc and can even be filtered to the most relevant by a Google algorithm.

RSS – Is useful to bring in a number of blogs or news sites into one feed that will allow you to easily check to see what is happening in your niche, instead of opening up load of web pages.

You will need to search for these sites and then take their free RSS feed.

RSS explained

I personally prefer Google Alerts, for a simple and effective method of achieving the goal, and you can get more sophisticated with this tactic.

So what do you do once you’ve found interesting content?

Well you can share it of course. Simply copy the link or use a share button provided in article and if you are a B2B company maybe get this on Linked In and start a chat around it.

Tweet it if you have a few followers (and remember to find a #hashtag that is relevant and will hopefully give you the chance to engage with others who are into the same thing…you may even find a new follower or ten!

If nothing is trending at the moment (TV shows are prime examples of #’s that trend for a period of time and where people converse using these) then simply pick one main headline hashtag #localbusiness and maybe a smaller one such as #Manchester.

Or share it on Facebook.

Tips for content to share:

I would go with the tried and tested magical 80/20 rule here.

80% Topical and related industry news, and 20% quirky and fun, think videos and trending humour, show you do, after all, have a personality!

You can flip this over dependent on your business of course, but if ‘expert’ is what you want to become (unless you want to become a comedy curation expert) the more ‘sensible’ route should do the trick.

Good luck!

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Anthony Munns

Director - Search and Marketing Expert at Local Web Adverts
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  • Sian Davies

    I think that you have put a decent argument forward for a simple tactic to get a social presence. Thanks. :)

  • Leah G

    Some really good tips about doing social media on a budget, nice work.

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