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Visualising Local Web Marketing Infographic

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Here at Local Web Adverts we have found an informative infographic that aims to show the way that local web marketing works.

Contained within the infographic are

local search statistics

we have gathered form a variety of reliable sources credited at the end of the graphic.

We have highlighted the changes and opportunities that have occurred and continue to alter as people move more and more towards using search and the internet to find local services.

While the data in this infographic is US focused, you simply need to scale this down by about 1/6th to imagine the figures for the UK market.

If you’re not found while people are searching and your web presence is not fantastic then you’re probably missing out!

Infographic Local Search

Infographic Local Search

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Anthony Munns

Director - Search and Marketing Expert at Local Web Adverts
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  • Jules Ray

    This is a great infographic, interesting to see about the image areas of optimisation.

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